How about never having to use batteries again? #IoT #EnergyHarvesting


Light Energy by TWTG

In the world of tomorrow everything is connected through the Internet of Things. We're building this world today. And today is finally the day you don’t need batteries anymore. Imagine charging your sensors with only 200 lux Light Energy in 4 hours (which is nothing) and connect them for 24 hours (which is amazing). This is less than the light you'll find beneath your desk.

Tryst Energy is about removing the elephant in the room nobody is talking about, in other words: getting rid of the battery that needs to be charged / replaced / maintained. Hello always-online and zero-maintenance. Energy harvesting, but with the tools that really work - today.

Light Energy is developed by Rotterdam-based R&D company TWTG. More information about the project and current status can be found on the website of TWTG.


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