How many sensors did you say?

For some time now everybody is talking about #IoT. The Internet of Things - but do we fully comprehend the vastness and the massive amount of products that we are looking at in potential? Estimations say around 50 billion IoT-connected devices in 2020. Some say less, but if only a fraction of those is battery powered... you get the point.

IoT predictions

Since Tryst Energy is born within the walls of Tweetonig R&D we are already building IoT-solutions every day for clients like KPMG, PostNL and Dell. We also already see how many batteries we are using every month (hundreds). Of course we recycle them, but we have to do like 2, 3 containers every few months or so while testing. Imagine when the IoT-sensors are everywhere and need to be maintained if the battery runs low and how many batteries you'll have to recycle in 5 years or so. And as a last note: it's not easy to recycle batteries in an environmentally friendly way.

That's why everybody is doing research in the field of energy harvesting. We see great research with RF frequencies, kinetic power sources and so on - but all of those aren't ready today. Maybe in 20 years and than we'll be there. Solar Energy isn't that sexy, but after 20 years of research it is working. We've cracked it and made it possible to power IoT-devices with only 200 lux of light. Read more information on this page