Tryst Energy is national news! :-)

We are working hard towards our Kickstarter campaign and along the way we've been noticed by a few Dutch media outlets. We got covered by Bright, Numrush and Bits&Chips and next to that John and Nick got interviewed by the biggest financial newspaper and biggest free newspaper of The Netherlands: DFT (De Financiële Telegraaf) and Metro.

'No more batteries in sensors', by Gabi Ouwerkerk for DFT

'Start-up want to ban the battery', by Ilja Post for Metro

Where the Metro wrote 'Our mission is to eliminate the need for batteries', they were absolutely on point. The Tryst Light Energy modules are designed to work with and for every engineer that is creating IoT-products. We are going to launch three products through Kickstarter and we did not forget about engineers. There will be a PCB + Light Energy package for you.

John told DFT that the products are designed to be truly 'plug and play'. No hassle with putting up new wires or adding / replacing batteries all te time. No truly wireless. After it's set up, everybody can place it where ever they like. And since it's Light Energy powered, there isn't any maintenance that comes with it at all.

If you are a journalist and want to write about Tryst Energy, we have English press release and contact information on our Press page.