Tryst Cacta

Level 1: for every geek out there
0-100 units | When you want to experiment


We made the Cacta product range for everybody who knows a thing or two about figuring out where and how they want to deploy a sensor.

The name comes from 'cactus', which actually means you can't go wrong with these. We've even provided a few use cases for you below. 

The Cacta product range will be launched through Kickstarter in Q1-2017.



Below are the products we are going to launch through our Kickstarter campaign (Q1-2017). If you want to work with Tryst yourself to see how it works (not ifit works) check out our DEV Edition to add all the things that you want to add.

The base product is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with the Light Energy modules built in a beautiful enclosure. Depending on the edition you get extra sensors; Environment or Movement or completely blank in the DEV edition. There is LoRa or Bluetooth 4.2 LE / NFC built right in. You can read the data by holding your NFC device next to it with the Bluetooth edition. And yes it's an iBeacon straight from the box as well and of course there will be IFTTT-support. (If= movement, than= lights-on-livingroom)

The DEV edition is made to adjust / tweak with the smallest possible technical know-how thinkable. We provide you everything to get going. You can easily add your own sensors within our enclosure. You can adjust the embedded code by using Arduino. We can imagine you are filled up with ideas, now you know you are never having to use batteries again.

Tryst Environment Sensor

Cacta Environment edition

What it does: measures temperature, humidity and CO₂ (optional)
How it's connected: Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC or LoRa

Case: Inside a professional freezer

Imagine this product within the freezer solutions of your food store / grocery store. Normally you should spend thousands of dollars on installation, configuration and maintenance, but the Tryst Light Energy + Environment Sensor is really plug & play. It always works and it's not only wireless - it's also completely free of batteries.

If you add a simple Wi-Fi or LoRa module and put a few of these at work and you can set-up an alert that informs you when something goes wrong. 

Case: Measuring air pollution on street level

The World Health Organization estimated that a staggering 7 million people died due to air pollution in 2012. Why do we accept bad air quality where there are plenty of alternative ways to produce, drive and consume? In our home town Rotterdam (The Netherlands) the city council introduced a special environment-zone that exclude older diesel-powered cars from the city center.

With our CO₂ sensor you can keep track of air quality in your street. For your kids, for you and eventually for everyone. 


Cacta Movement edition

What it does: measures movement and height (9-Axis Gyro-, Magneto- & Accelerometer)
How it's connected: Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC or LoRa

Case: To protect your stuff

Let’s say you have your own personal office where nobody should enter if you’re not there. Or you own several buildings that are in construction, but shouldn’t be opened in the weekend. Just attach the movement sensor on the door and add a LoRa-module for example and you have your personal notification system for this use case.

Or place in your house to activate the Hue-lights and the thermostat when you open the door.

Case: As a sensor under your office chair

In your office there are only flexible working spots. But how do you know if one is taken or where to find the ones that are free? By adding the Tryst Light Energy Movement Edition beneath the chair you can figure that out. And you can see if people are moving enough, send them a push notification if they have to stand up once in a while or if they are seated incorrectly.

If you really want, you can even check if you're colleague is in the building on the chair level thanks to the iBeacon-technology.

Cacta DEV edition

What it does: that's completely up to you
How it's connected: Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC or LoRa (and the rest is also up to you)

Adding Lora-sensors

To make your sensors connected to the internet you can add LoRa-modules to let them talk to the world wide web. You can also pick other sensors like ZigBee, 2G / 3G / 4G mobile data or Wi-Fi. And of course other protocols / radio's nit sensors.

If you like, you can let us know what you are planning through the form below. We would love to hear from you!

This is where you come in

We've built this technology for you to hack it and do with it whatever you want. So the DEV edition is made to measure for everyone that has some crazy plans to do with a IoT-device without the need for batteries. So you get a good starting point and one very good looking case (if we may say so) for your next major project.