Light Energy

How and where to use it (hint: always and anywhere)

Our extremely efficient modules and circuitboard combined can turn 4 hours of light* into enough power for 24 hours of operation for your IoT-device.

We've came up with a few use cases for the Tryst Light Energy modules and made our Cacta range. We'd love to hear what you are planning to do with this technology. Because with great power, comes great responsibility. We shouldn't waste millions of batteries in this internet of things revolution, and why should we? This really works.

If you're an engineer, we've got you covered with Yuca and Ivi (see below).

* 200 lux, indirect (sun) light. This is close to nothing, daylight is approx. 10.000 lux & sunlight 100.000 lux.

What is Light Energy

Level 1: for every geek out there

0-100 units | When you want to experiment


Cacta comes from 'cactus' and is our collection of products designed from start to finish. With enclosure, with connectivity and of course out of the box equipped with Light Energy. There is also a DEV edition, which you can adjust to your preferences. 


Level 2: for the engineers

101-999 units | If you're dead serious, but want a good start


Yuca comes from beautiful plant that loves light and can live with extremely low amounts of juice. The Yuca product is a PCB with processing power and connectivity powered with our Light Energy module.

Details? Contact us.


Level 3: for the wizards

1000+ units | When you're like Elon


This is the real magic. How everything is attached together, like the plant. Ivi is our Light Energy module with the super efficient power management on it. You can snap it on your own PCB if you are a true wizard.

Details? Contact us.


Which one, when?


If you want to make your own Light Energy use cases, you can use the Cacta products. When you need to deploy more units, for example when you're a working at a start-up - the Yuca and Ivi products are more your thing. Pricing will come available in Q1-2017.

If you want a bespoke solution, contact us (form below).



What are you planning to do with Light Energy?


If you have an idea and you want to share it with us, or you need some more information - let us know. We would love to know what you're doing and if you need any help.

We'll keep you updated on everything through our blog.

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