Our Mission / About us


To understand what we stand for, you must understand where we come from.

People from The Netherlands are known for their down-to-earth mentality. The city of Rotterdam especially no-nonsense, just roll up your sleeves and get back to work. And that was precisely what we were doing. Building on Internet of Things-solutions for major clients like KPMG, Dell and PostNL and throwing away thousands of batteries every month - while testing. We found the solution and that's the story.

Estimations state that in 2020 we'll have 20 billion (!) IoT-connected devices globally. If a big part of those devices use batteries to get their power and a battery lasts for a few years, do you have any clue what that impact will be on our planet?




Because it's smarter

Replacing batteries take manual labor, will give downtime and requires planning plus time. Do you see yourself replacing all the batteries for your smart city every 5 years?

Or do want to be hassle free, always online and cheaper in the long run?

Because it's better

Fabricating and using millions of batteries and recycling them for the IoT-movement is a huge environmental challenge in the making. 

Today we shape the world of connected, smart devices. Are you with us?





Tryst Energy is a company founded within the walls of Tweetonig R&D. Over 20 embedded engineers are working hard every day to innovate our way to the future. Everything is done in house: hardware, software and design. If you are looking for a challenge, do contact us!

Based in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is rebuild completely after World War II and is one of the best cities to visit if you love modern architecture. The London-based Academy of Urbanism chose Rotterdam as European City of the year 2015 for its economy, sustainability and accessibility among other things.


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